Please find below links to various information to assist community broadcasters. If the information you're after is not available below, please contact the CBAA on 02 9310 2999 or office@cbaa.org.au.

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What is the CBAA?

Find out more about the national representative organisation for community stations.

How do I become a member of the CBAA?

Further information including membership applications and details regarding CBAA membership.

What are the Community Broadcasting Codes of Practice - Radio?

The Community Radio Codes of Practice (the Codes) set out the guiding principles and policies for programming on community broadcasting stations. They also outline the operational standards for stations that hold a community broadcasting licence. The Codes are available to download as well as view online. If your station requires hard copy versions of the Codes, please email office@cbaa.org.au.

What is the Broadcasting Services Act - 1992?

The Broadcasting Services Act 1992 outlines the legal framework for community broadcasting and explains the role the sector plays in delivering diverse media services that reflect a sense of Australian identity, character and cultural diversity.

What are the guidelines surrounding sponsorship for community radio?

Under the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 (the Act), all community broadcasting licensees are required to comply with obligations set out in the Act, licence conditions and codes of practice. The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has developed the Community Broadcasting Sponsorship Guidelines 2008 (the guidelines) to assist licensees to comply with the licence conditions.

Further sponsorship information is available as part of the Codes of Practice - Code 6: Sponsorship.

What is Copyright and how does it affect Community Broadcasters?

The Australian Copyright Council have compiled several user-friendly information sheets and FAQs relevant for TV & Radio Broadcasters, available here. Further information from the Australian Copyright Council of relevance to community broadcasters is available here.

How can I find extra program content for my station?

Subscribing stations can access a selection of the best programs from community radio around the country to enhance their local programming via the Community Radio Network.

What is Digital Radio?

Find out more about the Digital Radio Project (DRP) and digital radio as a whole.

Who are the PPCA?

Established in 1969, the Phonographic Performance Company of Australia Limited is a national, non government, non-profit organisation that represents the interest of record companies and Australian recording artists. The CBAA has negotiated a discounted rate on behalf of its members for PPCA fees.


APRA|AMCOS work to ensure that composers, songwriters and publishers are rewarded whenever, and wherever, their musical works are broadcast on community radio. The APRA Reporting for Community Broadcasters Info Kit assists community broadcsters in providing accurate information to APRA|AMCOS.

What are our obligations as broadcasters in regards to Election Coverage?

The Broadcasting Services Act (1992) stipulates broadcast law regarding media coverage of local, state and federal elections. It is the responsibility of every community broadcaster to ensure that these laws are observed, as a condition of the station's licence. The Election Coverage page of the CBAA website includes information political advertising, political material and links to ACMA election coverage info sheets.

The Fair Work Act for Community Broadcasters

Information for community broadcasters who employ staff at their organisation. Includes potential modern awards for community broadcasters.