2011 Conference Workshops & Sessions

Each year, the CBAA Conference brings together a diverse range of broadcasters, volunteers, technicians and stakeholders to develop and strengthen the skills, knowledge and networks of the sector.

As always, the 2011 CBAA Conference featured a range of plenary sessions and workshops. Click on the links to download selected content.

Plenary Sessions

Opening Plenary

Plenary 3

Weddings Parties Copyright

An overview of APRA and PPCA with guest speaker Mick Thomas.


Governance and Management

A workshop for board members, station managers and committee members covering the principles of good governance, including a who’s who when it comes to the roles of board members and management.

Enriching the audience experience through social media

Learn how to get the most from Twitter and hashtags, find out how social sharing sites will change the way people consume media and learn how you can use your website, YouTube and Facebook to increase your audience.

More Connecting Up resources for community broadcasters are available here.

A modern radio facility with computer networks

Technically minded broadcasters will learn how a modern radio station can be designed and built using the latest audio over IP (AoIP) technology and standard computer networks.

Monitoring and Reviewing Licensee Performance

Q&A session with Stephen Atkins & Lachlan Habgood of the ACMA Community Broadcasting Group.

Further information regarding communtiy broadcasting licensing and renewal is available here.

Content, Community and Creative Storytelling

Learn about alternate methods of storytelling and how to work with volunteer contributors to build their own style of storytelling for radio as well as gain tips on volunteer management and the differing roles of the producer in creating talks-based radio.

Developing your sponsor base

This session will explore ways to build sustainable sponsorship revenue and information related to sponsorship development, from the workings of advertising agencies to building relationships in your local community and the vast landscape in between.

The Role of Citizen Journalism in the Future of Community Broadcasting

An interactive workshop looking at the effects of the growing phenomenon of citizen journalism and its potential impact on news broadcasting.

Broadcast Automation Software

This session will outline how broadcast automation software can be used to take control of a station output to air.

Get Grant Savvy

The community broadcasting sector now has an extra $3 million a year for content development. The CBF’s Grants Administrators discuss how your station can benefit.

McNair Ingenuity - Audience Research

Matt Balogh of McNair Ingenuity Research provides an overview of audience research techniques used across the media sector. Learn some common terminology and the differences between research methods. This workshop will also deliver practical tools that stations can use to start their own audience research.

What to do before the disaster strikes

Simple considerations and actions now can save your station if and when the unthinkable happens - and you need to know what to do. John Maizels discusses ways and means to avoid your station being off the air for an extended period.

The Community Radio Network - Sharing Content and Ideas

The Community Radio Network (CRN) is the CBAA’s audio distribution & sustaining service. This session examines the CRN’s role as a content distribution service and as a sustaining service, plus share tips amongst CRN end-users and discuss opportunities for the future.

  • Contributing a program to CRN powerpoint presentation is available here.

What’s New in Training

This session outlines all the new developments in sector training including the launch of new online courses in media law and OHS, a new broadcast technology course and loads more.

Relationship and Revenue Building

This workshop looks at the practicalities of fostering community engagement and examines ways to raise revenue from partnerships created with your community of interest.

Podcasting, Live Streaming and Audio on Demand

This session looks at the benefits of streaming and audio on demand and inludes a demontsration of CPOd, the community sector's podacsting service.



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