Sector Projects Consultative Committee (SPCC)

When the Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF) appoints the CBAA as the manager of a sector‐wide project, there is a requirement to establish appropriate consultative mechanism across key sector peak bodies.

The CBAA desires effective communication and consultation across the sector organisations to ensure that sector‐wide projects are meeting the diverse needs of community broadcasting and are meeting the objectives described in the funding deed and grant agreements with the CBF.

From March 2009, the Sector Projects Consultative Committee will replace two existing consultative groups (CCG for Cbonline and NTCG for National Training Project – Amrap consultative group disbanded when funding expired). The SPCC will advise and review the work of the sector‐wide projects currently managed by the CBAA:

  • Cbonline
  • Australian Music Radio Airplay Project (Amrap)


Sector Projects Consultative Committee (SPCC)

  • Adrian Basso (Chair / President, CBAA)
  • Jon Bisset (General Manager, CBAA)
  • Peter Luckett (RPH Australia Chair)
  • Tiga Bayles (AICA President)
  • Tangi Steen (NEMBC President)
  • Phil Edwards (CMA CEO)


  • Ian Stanistreet (CBF Executive Director)
  • Judy Hiscox (DBCDE)



Download: SPCC Terms of Refernce (PDF 136kb)